NETELLER is available to South Africans!


NETELLER offer extensive coverage of many internet gaming sites worldwide. Keeping your money and credit card details safe.


You can benefit from secure online payments using NETELLER at top retail sites worldwide. Use you card at home and abroad.

What are the benefits of a NETELLER account?


Use your NET+ card to withdraw from your account to ANY South African ATM! Just like a local debit card.


Your NET+ card works as a Credit Card which can be used at ANY store accepting VISA or Mastercard..

No Waiting on Banks!

With NETELLER you can enjoy instant transfers in and out of your eWallet. No bank queues for you or your loved ones, just an instant transfer and withdraw abilities.

Create Your Account Now!

Signing up with NETELLER only takes a few minutes and it quick and easy. Once signed up you can make your first deposit and thereafter begin an application for your NET+ card.

NETELLER - the secure way to play

What others say about NETELLER

"I have used my NET+ card to pay for dinner, to withdraw at ATM's and to do my daily shopping. It's great!. "

Paul Muller, Cape Town

"Having family overseas NETELLER provides an easy way to send and recieve money that is convienient and instant! It has been a godsend, with no red tape. "

Terry Brooks, Port Elizabeth.

Qualify For Rewards!

NETELLER provide a range of rewards schemes for our customers. These include Rewards Points, which can be exchanged for electronics, gift cards and even cash paid directly into your eWallet!